Options for decoupling f.lux from the day cycle of your location

  • I have been using f.lux for quite a while and it has become an absolutely indispensable piece of software for me. However, living in northern Europe, it is this time of the year that I always experience a major shortcoming - that there are no options whatsoever to decouple f.lux from the day cycle for your given location. If one needs to maintain a high level of concentration while working in the afternoon, when the sun sets here at this time of the year, letting f.lux automatically reduce the color temperature clearly becomes counterproductive. Of course I could disable f.lux manually, but then I tend to forget to enable it again in the evening when I want it to become active, which is kind of defeating its purpose (besides, I really like to keep the unnoticable, 60 minutes transition). Also, disabling it for one hour won't suffice when the sun sets at 3 pm. I could also choose a location near the equator, but I like it to be in sync with the actual day cycle during the summer half year. It's just during wintertime that I need it to work decoupled. I would *love * to have the following option(s) available:

    "Begin sunset not before X pm" -- and less importantly:
    "Begin sunrise not after Y am".

    This way one could configure f.lux to start the 60 minute sunset transition not before, say, 6 pm, so that it doesn't interfere too much with my productivity in the Winter, while it would still allow a gradual transition and remain in sync with the natural cycle for the time of the year when sun sets after 6 pm.

    Please, please, consider my request. It would be a tremendous improvement for me and many other f.lux users in northern countries, which are running into the same issue.

  • I think the Mac interface has what you would like. Windows will receive an update in the future.

  • I just registered on the forum to post this exact question. However, with a twist:

    I live in Norway (i.e very much Northern Europe), and I see the same need for this feature during the summertime. Where I live, the sun sets at 21-2130 in the summer, meaning that my computer monitor will stay on full blast until then. Summer or winter, I need my "reddish" computer screen for night work - my work space at home is away from the sun anyway.

    I would love for a feature like "transition at sunset - OR - at time xx:xx at the latest". Currently, my only option seems to be to tell f.Lux that I live further south in Europe.

  • We will add some presets for this case in the next version.

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