flux flickering on laptop

  • Hi there,
    flux isn't working on my Asus UX305CA; it just flickers between filter and nonfiltered.
    On Windows 10, Intel HD 515 with driver V20.19.15.4300 (latest, updating didn't fix things).
    Hoping a fix is incoming, thanks!

  • Ah, there was just a post that I answered to with the same issue. What GPU is your laptop using, the other user said they had an Nvidia GTX 660 Ti on Windows 10.

  • @timpster
    It's an HD 515 on Intel's gen6 core M-6Y30

  • @Kongor O.K., so I think the problem is something with Windows 10 color management. I think @lorna said that it changed a lot, and drivers (I'm guessing all three, AMD, Intel and Nvidia) have not gotten the same features as earlier systems.

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