• Any plans for ChromeOS support? Love F.Lux on my Macs but G.Lux on my Chromebook 2 is not so good.

  • They're doing as good as they can, honestly. There's not really color management built in to Chrome. Hopefully that will change in the future. For now, we recommend dimming all the way at night.

  • Is it simple to change the background color on the forum? You could change it to 2300K style, so that at least when they visit here, it won't be bright white. Also could it be simple to run some kind of code to change the background everyday, at night? Maybe add a night mode / warm color mode option to the forum.

  • Hmm. I'd rather just see a color change in general to warmer colors. After all, this is the f.lux forum. :) I mean, maybe the main colors could be what's in the f.lux logo. The blue could be the trim and accents, while the warmer colors of the logo could be the background and whatnot.

    Personally, I think that I'd be a little bit annoyed that the f.lux forum is changing to warmer colors during the middle of my personal day just because it's actually nighttime.

    Edit: Wait! The f.lux logo wouldn't look as good as it does on this white background.

  • Is that so?
    (Imgur link coming up)

    flux forum orange with black text
    Same, but with white text instead

    Also, inverted, dark gray background, orange text
    Also, is text on this forum #000000, or is my firefox just completely screwed up?

  • The f.lux icon looks terrible in those first 2 screenshots, but the 3rd one isn't so bad I guess. I like the clean and cheerful white background though.

  • @lorna Since Android Apps are on their way, would f.Lux work on ChromeOS on the system level rather than an extension? I noticed this flag enabled, I'm not a programmer but would love to see F.lux on ChromeOS.

    Color calibration of the display Chrome OS
    Allow color calibration of the display if the display supports the feature. #disable-display-color-calibration

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