Screen flickering on Win7 Dell Notebook with Samsung SyncMaster on Intel HD 4000 graphics

  • Hi guys,

    i use f.lux at work. I love it, even in darker rooms you still don't get any pain in the eyes.
    I use a Dell Latitude Notebook as my work-computer. There were 2 extra displays plugged into the docking station. The build-in Nvidia-card only supports two screens, so i turned on the intel HD 4000 graphic card as well to use all three of them. Now i'm back on only two screens, but one is still running on the Intel graphic card. Now i noticed, that the screen is flickering blue when there are shades of gray displayed. Turning the Intel graphics back off forcing the screen beeing fed by the Nvidia the problem is solved.

    The shades of gray causing the flickering changed with the color temperature of flux.

    I hope you can fix it for the ones without any other than the intel HD graphics built in.


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