What does "Make screen warmer as your backlight dims" mean?

  • In the extra settings, there is the option to "Make screen warmer as your backlight dims".

    Does this mean color, or that the screen literally gets warmer with more heat?

    If regarding color, what is the difference between getting warmer or not?

  • In the world of f.lux, "warmer" always refers to the color temperature. Ask yourself this: why would anyone want their monitor to produce more heat as it dims?

    Anyway, this option is for laptops and tablets and other computers where you can adjust the brightness using the computer's proprietary software. When you have this option on, dimming the display will result in a warmer color temperature.

    If you don't know what the difference is between a warm color temperature and a cool color temperature, then the simplest way that I can explain it is, reds and oranges and yellows are warm colors. The more blue you add in the mix, the cooler the color temperature becomes.

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