F.lux freezes my system on Windows 10

  • Hallo to all,

    I got a huge problem! Windows 10 is freezing for about 30 sec (sound is on going in the backround but the display is frozen) when flux is running. Especially when by interacting wth the taskbar and start menu. After I uninstalled Flux everything was fine. After installing Flux again the problems was the same.

    I reinstalled Windows 10 as a clean install. The same problems appear. The Intel HD Graphics Driver is up to date, so its definetly a problem by flux.

    So many people have problems with flux and wndows 10 and many people complain the freezing effect on their system. Dear Flux hope you will fix the issues! I need fluuuuuux!!!

    My system:
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-3217U CPU
    Intel HD Graphics 4000

  • I am having the same issues over here as well. once i load flux everything freezes. i usually turn it off & it goes away. but i want to use it, not sure the best way to overcome this & i would appreciate any support/feedback from the community!

  • Both of you, try using "Safe Mode" this disables all the polling that the app does. To restore / reactivate f.lux colors if another program changes them, click the f.lux tray icon.

  • Thanks for your answer kravut! Works fine for now! I will report, when anything become wrong again.

    In addition to your advice I changed a setting in the Control Center for the Intel HD Graphics Device. There you can go "Video" and you can choose for the video settings between "application settings" and "driver settings". After your advice I changed this to "driver settings". So I think windows do not change the display settings due to an new application. Am I right? However...maybe this fixes the problem too. I will report :)

  • Driver version please?

  • Driver Version

    Unfortunately it didn't work fine anymore. I had to uninstall Flux again to make my system useable. But it seems like it have to be a problem by windows 10 itself. The last times I unistalled flux windows 10 was running quite well. This time the freezes comes without flux as well... this isn't good.

    So I will try to find out what is the Problem here. As I said, the freeze appear by interacting with taskbar (start menau).

    Thanks for help!

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