Location coordinates limitation?

  • Hi,

    I noticed something strange today, it's not really an issue but I thought I might ask. I currently live in the north of Iceland and when I try to manually set up my location using coordinates it doesn't accept them.

    I live 40-50 km away from Husavik in Iceland (this is where Husavik is: https://goo.gl/t8jq9Z ) and when I try to set the latitude to 66 North or a bit more it just changes the setting to 65.00N, as if the maximum allowed setting is 65N. But when I write "Husavik" and click search it finds the town, I can just click OK and then in the main F.lux window it says "Location: 66.0N, 17.3W", which is almost the exact coordinates of Husavik (the town's coordinates are something like 66.04N, 17.34W so - close enough).

    So, I was just wondering why it wouldn't accept anything above 65N when I write it manually, is it a limitation of the program or something else, does anyone have an idea?
    (My system is an Acer Aspire V 15 Nitro Black Edition notebook with Windows 7 Ultimate x64, if it matters)


    PS: On the right side of the "new topic" window in the forum I have a menu and I can choose between "f.luxometer", "Sleep and Light" and "Smart Lighting", although I am trying to post this in the Windows Tech Support Forum, hope it doesn't go somewhere else.

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