Why the secrecy?

  • While I like your product, I am unable to find any details on who you guys are, who the developers behind this product are. Your domain name is registered in panama but the identity is protected.

    Who is the Flux Software LLC (“Company”) in your EULA? What is your full address please. How are you funding the development of this product on so many platforms?

    What is the patent pending number for this software product please?


  • Haha! You didn't get to learn about them in the beginning... So that's where I will start, in the VERY beginning.

    So, there is Lorna and Micheal (I am terrible at spelling the name, sorry if I mixed up the letters), and they are a husband and wife team. It's just those two, and they really share (or seem to share) the same interests, which is just ... incredible.

    So, Lorna likes art, and she has an art studio style room with really bright daylight lights (really accurate fluorescent lights at the time) and she's done with that for the day and Micheal had all the lights low and all that jazz, and they were just sitting around I guess.

    They looked at the monitors (there were several) and they noticed the color was all wrong, it was really bluish -- I've noticed this too, with an old CRT through my bedroom window, strange stuff. So, Micheal says "I can fix that" and then came f.lux.

    They released a new version in 2013 around July, and that went through about 9 updates -- some being 2-3 days apart!! Amazing! New features every few days!

    So, now I read that the team is working on much much more than just this program on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android, might I add, and trying to get color spectrum tools into the hands of the many, as currently they use a $10,000+ device to get most of the data you will see in the fluxometer. They are dedicated.

    I think that just about sums it all up, if you want to know more than just say @f-lux-team so they get a message.

  • Security. They are just a husband and wife team working out of their house.

  • @i908134 said:

    What is your full address please.

    Sorry, but they work from home I would assume, so, that's why I respond so harshly.

    Don't ever ask that.

  • @timpster said:

    @i908134 said:

    What is your full address please.

    Sorry, but they work from home I would assume, so, that's why I respond so harshly.

    Don't ever ask that.

    Lots of companies advertise their full business address. Most people assume that this is a big company. I think that Lorna and Michael should be extremely proud that they are giving people the impression that they're a big company! Most people have no clue that f.lux comes out of a private house.

  • @TwoCables Oh, well, that's fair. I'll just delete a portion of the comment.

  • I dunno, I would also stop using profanity on here. It's not like you're some random user on here who doesn't plan to stick around.

  • hi @i908134

    I don't think there's much secrecy. We provide f.lux for free because we like to do it. We like working on this because it's one of the most interesting problems we can think of. We aren't making money so far. We fund the development of this product on so many platforms out of our own pockets. It's not a cheap hobby. We do protect our IP, much like other companies protect their IP. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    There's lots of information about us.
    http://dld-conference.com/users/michael-herf (watch the video)

    Now if you'll forgive me I'm not going to answer more questions today because if I spend my time on the forum I won't be able to get any product work done.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ah there's a topic about this. :D
    I have been doing my own research but I didn't know there was a topic about this haha.
    Really fascinating how the whole thing started and what it is today. You should be proud! :D

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