How to delete f.lux from iPhone?

  • I've had issues running f.lux properly on my iPhone (it stays at the nighttime setting and doesn't change brightness during the day) and I just want to reset all the settings and delete it. So I deleted the app, but my screen is still yellow. How do I change it back to the way it was before?

  • @schnickelfritz Have you tried turning your phone off and on? My iPad didn't change back this morning but rebooting it fixed it.

  • You can use this method instead of regularly deleting.
    Other solutions:
    Use ifile. Go to mobile substrate, then dynamiclibraries, and lookup the tweak you want to delete. Delete both the "tweak".plist and "tweak".dylib. Reboot and you are finished.
    If that solutions cannot help you, then try removing the piracy repo and see if that fixes the errors.
    I recommend you to read this guide.

  • Reboot your phone in this case and all will be fine. Locking topic since the words "iPhone and delete" are very attractive to spam bots.

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