F.lux returns to full brightness after sunrise

  • You can lower the brightness with Alt+PgDown, but on sunrise f.lux just returns to full brightness.
    Is there any way to turn this feature off?
    I can't use this app like this, it would hurt my eyes every morning.

  • No, I'm afraid there isn't. However, lower your monitor's brightness at night and then leave it that way so that it's not bright when you wake up. Besides, you should lower your monitor's brightness anyway because even if you use 1200K, having your monitor at its full brightness level (or just very bright) is too alerting.

    Regardless, if it's actually hurting your eyes, then you should tell your eye doctor. You shouldn't feel any pain when all you're doing is looking at your monitor. Maybe turn your indoor lighting on first, get your eyes used to bright light. Open the blinds/curtains. Y'know? It's morning, Let the light in and wake up. If the first relatively bright light that your eyes are exposed to is your monitor , then you have some unhealthy habits! The first thing your eyes should really be exposed to in the morning is outdoor light.

    So really, you should just turn some bright lights on when you wake up. Let your eyes adjust and then turn your computer on. Seriously...

  • I strongly recommend Philips LED bulbs (according to designingwithLEDs dot com, they truly do have the BEST color spectrum, and efficiency seems great as well). Since you're room seems to be really dark in the morning, lets change that. Get two 60 watt cool white LED bulbs, and enjoy nice bright light!

    For night time lighting, you can get Philips warm glow, 60 watt bulbs that get warmer as they dim! You can get a $10 plug in dimmer switch that should work just fine with these, and you'll be all set with separate daytime and nighttime lighting conditions. I recommend a brighter light than 800/900 lumens in cool white, and so far Philips doesn't produce them, but other brands do. At 100 watt / 1500+ lumens, Philips does just soft white.

  • The problem is that my monitor is very bright even on the lowest setting.

  • Would you mind giving me a monitor model, and I'll see if I can find it on TFTcentral, they do great stats like maximum and minimum brightness, with all kinds of other nice information that you really really just can't get anywhere else. Wonderful website.

  • Yeah, I have to agree. It might be time to invest in a new monitor. Either that, or keep this monitor at its lowest brightness.

    Actually, @felhasznalo, what is the exact method that you use to lower your monitor's brightness?

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