Different settings for each monitor

  • Hello!

    At first - i'd like to thank you for this awesome piece of software! That's amazing - keep up good work!

    I'd also like to request a feature - can you make an option that would allow to set different preferences on seperate screens? I've got dual monitor setup with different display parameters. Tuning each one seperately would work much better - now one is brighter than other, which is a little annoying, especially at night. Not that f.lux is not working on second screen - it is of course.

    Okey, thank you for your time, I won't be taking any more of it (for now, at least). :-)

    Best regards!

  • I think the solution to this problem is, calibrate your monitors properly. You can do it the best way by finding and purchasing a good monitor calibration device, or you can do it the cheap (and not quite the best) way by looking for a calibrated color profile for your monitors. Your internet search would need to include your monitor's model name/number, and the words "calibrated color profile" or "color profile" or ".icc profile" or ".icm profile" or ".icc file" or ".icm file".

    You should also play with the settings for each monitor using the buttons on the monitors. I mean, brightness, contrast, etc. etc. etc.

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