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  • Hi there! I installed f.lux under Windows 7 in order to get that warm effect during the evening hours, and it works fine at that. But I've also noticed it changes the normal colour scheme during the daytime hours, making the screen to look 'whitened'.

    Well I don't want this effect. Moreover, even if I click the "disable" button, it won't go away. I had to uninstall f.lux in order to get back my normal screen colours. Does anybody know a fix for that?


  • So f.lux does NOT follow any color changes unless you have a ICC file or use a hardware calibrator to get more accurate colors.

    Even when you have it "disabled" for an hour, it STILL pushes back to the default color profile, if you change anything in the Nvidia / AMD / Intel, control panel regarding colors. The only thing that will stick is Nvidia's "digital vibrance". If that's how you're adjusting colors, then it just won't stay with f.lux.

    On the f.lux FAQ page, there is a section that talks about color profiles: https://justgetflux.com/faq.html?q=ICC# . You can use TFT Central and search for your monitor, they usually have an ICC profile that's very accurate.

  • I just upgraded my Dell XPS L502X from Windows 7 to Windows 10 over the weekend. Out of curiosity, I installed f.lux and liked how it cut down the glare in my dark environment. However, the next morning I found that f.lux was still imposing its sepia tint on my screen and even disabling for an hour only lightened the tint but did not restore my pre-f.lux profile. Uninstalling f.lux did not help, but finally I managed to manually calibrate the colours in Display Colour Calibration.

    I only wanted f.lux to take effect in the late hours and certainly not during the daytime (why no "disable until sunset" option?) so it seems right now f.lux is an overkill for my purposes. I will continue to read this forum in the hope that a future version of f.lux will be more to my liking. Thanks.

  • @timpster Thanks, I've found out that my monitor colors were adjusted long ago using Windows Calibrate Display, as it looked too whitened (too much gamma I believe). F.lux was now overriding those settings and that's why my monitor was looking whitened again. I've gone to the TFT Central as per your advice but couldn't find an ICC profile for my Toshiba laptop there. Thanks anyway for your support.

    Best regards,

  • Hmm what's the model, we may be able to get something that's close.

  • @timpster Toshiba Satellite L755 - 1J9. Thanks.

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