Lock Screen Wake + Notifications

  • I've enabled Notifications (Notification Center, Lock Screen, etc) but during the evening f.lux wakes my lock screen asking for my Passcode. I do NOT have Do Not Disturb turned on, so this looks like a bug (f.lux is both waking the lock screen and pushing a local notification - it should do one or the other but not both).

  • Yes, sorry we can't make the fixes we intended!

    I'm not aware of notifications going away at night, but maybe the iPhone knows you're sleeping somehow, even without the DND setting. Guess the best for now is to leave it face down. :(

  • I actually tried to intercept the screen lock notifications in the Xcode project (in the app delegate), but alas, the 'just an app' is indeed just there for project building.
    Would be glad to host a new binary in my github repo (I posted it to Twitter/Followed You when you guys pulled it a few days back)!

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