Don't adjust display while locked

  • Because I leave my phone in a dock while I sleep, having the screen turn on for any reason is unacceptable. I love flux but it just isn't great to be awakened midway though sleeping as I was last night.

    I understand that flux needs to wake up the screen via a notification or unlock request in order to adjust the screen, but I don't personally care if flux takes a moment to adjust the display when I unlock it.

    It would be nice if there were at least an option for flux to never turn on the screen to adjust itself while the phone is locked.

  • Agree, I didn't understand why it needed to wake the screen to adjust it when it's only when it's on that it needs adjustment.

    If it's only so there isn't a momentary period where it's not correct when first turning on post dusk, that is really something I would prefer to live with over multiple notifications on my lockscreen and unnecessary battery use from waking up the screen.

  • I concur with the above statements. My battery life decreased significantly on a brand new iP6s with f.lux enabled, presumably because of all the screen wakes. I would much rather it simply adjust when I unlock the device. Now, whether there is a simple way to accomplish that is a completely different story...

  • f.lux team

    If only we could update this for you...

  • @lorna Haha! I've filed feedback with Apple and signed the petition. I'll try emailing Tim Cook next (those always get a response, right??). If a new build happened to show up on BitTorrent or Mega and someone happened to post a checksum here, I would be a very happy person. :)

  • @lorna said:

    If only we could update this for you...

    Feel free to email an update to me

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