iOS randomly asking for passcode while using flux

  • I have my iPhone 6s set to ask for a passcode after 4 hours of non-use but i noticed since using flux, my phone has been having me input my code several times an hour. I think this might be a bug unless im missing something.

    EDIT: I'm on iOS 9.1 if this helps the devs with troubleshooting

  • Possibly related to this, when my phone is locked/asleep it now randomly wakes up and prompts for the passcode (like I've swiped it, even though I haven't touched it). This has only started happening since I installed f.lux, and only seems to happen during the "orange" hours (sunset onwards).

  • I am experiencing this issue as well.

    iPhone 6, iOS 9.1

  • I have disabled flux for now because of this. The problem is that when it asks for passcode, the screen does not get turned off. Not sure whether this goes on for indefinitely but there have been instances yesterday where when I took my phone out of my pocket, the passcode prompt screen was on.

  • I'm experiencing the same problem on my iPhone 6s Plus iOS 9.1. Today I noticed that my phone got quite warm in my pocket. I took it out and saw that the screen went on randomly. Sadly I'm going to have to remove flux from my phone because of this.

  • I'm seeing this issue also but not sure it's something that bothers me too much. Hopefully they do fix it soon but not sure this warrants removing it considering I just installed it today. Need to at least try it out and see how it works.

  • f.lux team

    Sorry, this was our workaround for waking up the screen. We were about to post an update that used a different solution and got a call from Apple. Should not have answered that one.

  • A delta file wouldn't break any rules would it?

  • @lorna Willing to run a bunch of code manually (including binary patching) to get that update

  • f.lux team

    thank you... we are looking into our options now.

  • @lorna challenging times indeed! hope something good happens. on my part, have dropped an email at apple feedback. let us know if we can help in any way..


  • f.lux team

    Thank you @jonsnow I hope we have good news soon

  • @lorna I'm in the same camp as @feifan. I'd not only run code manually, but also knit you a Christmas sweater if I can get any f.lux updates.

  • I had the same problem and posted on Apple Stackexchange http - apple - stackexchange - com/q/216857/44174 before consulting this forum.

  • @lorna Hi, are there some news regarding this problem? I sideloaded the app which should be none of Apple's business. The only problem/question is how to find the possibly updated source code...

  • Hi :) I'm also experiencing this issue after sideloading the app. Would be great if you could do sometihng about it :) and an interesting fact is, that no matter what password you type it always works :D

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