Bring over features from Mac version

  • The Mac version has some really cool features, like the nice graph of color temperature and the late night option. I would love to see them brought over to the Windows and Linux versions.

  • Yeah, they're working on it. I don't know when they'll be done and have the new version for Windows released, but I'm sure it'll be soon enough - even if it's like 6 months from now. I mean, I'm expecting the next version for Windows to be pretty awesome compared to what we have now.

  • Yes! I can't even explain to you how much we can't wait to get this out...

  • @lorna Glad to hear!!!

  • We would be a lot faster if Windows would let us do <3400K by default (the current version requires a reboot to do so).

    So if you try to build the Mac UI directly on Windows you wind up with most of the users not being able to use it, because they haven't rebooted yet. So then you contemplate doing TWO interfaces, for each case, and you decide that's completely insane.

    We have some new ways around this, and hopefully they will continue to work. :)

  • @herf Why not recquire a reboot off the bat? Many other apps do it.

  • @Zeklandia said:

    @herf Why not recquire a reboot off the bat? Many other apps do it.

    Because not everyone is comfortable with making a deep change to Windows like that - and it can even cause weird problems for some people.