[solved, not a problem with f.lux] f.lux Freezing Up Explorer (file manager) in Win10

  • I was wondering if anyone else has had an issue with f.lux locking up the file manager (explorer.exe) in Windows 10?

    I've narrowed the problem down to f.lux after lots of trial and error testing (and a Windows reinstall). But since I haven't seen anyone else reporting similar problems, I think it may not be just f.lux.... but a dual problem that involves f.lux and another program I have installed.... which makes troubleshooting more complicated and time consuming.

    So I just wanted to see if others are having a similar problem before I continue digging. Thanks.

  • It could be a driver issue - can you look for any available upgrades to your drivers, and try that, and if you still have trouble please post your system info and GPU and driver versions back here. Out of curiosity what's the other app?

  • There was a very old version of f.lux (before 2012?) that could be slow to respond to window messages sometimes.

    But unless we're making a color change we shouldn't slow anything down now.

  • Thanks for the replies.I found out this it was another program (odrive) causing the issue, not f.lux.

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