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  • OK, sorry for the lack of comprehension. I am a long time Mac user and a developer on other systems, but have never built anything in Xcode. As per you instructions (following), I Followed directions to get Xcode 7.1.1 and set up developer account (Icloud). Here's the problem: I opened flux.xcodeproj. Fine. The next instruction says "open" although with the typical menu sub-level indicators in your instructions I figured out that you meant "select menu item" to enter my developer account ID. Fine. Next, you instruct "Under Targets". Hmmmm. You don't say to open or select, although your syntax makes me think this is another menu selection, there is no menu anywhere labeled "Targets". No sub-menu. In the active window (with no title, apparently) I can poke around and select the higher level "iflux" on the left side, and I can see "Deployment target" in the middle, neither of which is in any way similar to what you describe. Deployment target is a drop down. On the right side of the window it says "identity and type" and there is a name field that is editable. So far this is totally NOT your instructions. Even if I were to change the name (it does not call it a bundle), there is no place to find the next instruction "Identity > Team". I have poked around all over and there just is not anything that follows your description. I assume you are so used to Xcode you are using some shorthand terms, but I just cannot figure out what you mean. And then next, you say "While the batter chills" which is poetic, but what do you mean? Perform a build? And how?

    I realize this might sound dumb, but I did spend a great deal of time trying to figure this out. Do you have any clearer directions? This just doesn't work. Thank you

    • Richard

    The instructions I am trying to follow:

    First, mix the build ingredients together. Batter may be slightly lumpy.
    Open the “iflux.xcodeproj” project in Xcode
    Open Xcode > Preferences > Accounts and enter your iCloud or developer credentials
    Under Targets > iflux > General > Identity, add a word to the end of the Bundle Identifier to make it a unique name
    In the same place, under Identity > Team, select your iCloud account or Developer profile
    While the batter chills, connect your iPhone or iPad and load the iflux build:

  • Hey Richard, it is a complicated install and the instructions could be better, they are definitely meant for developers who are familiar with xcode.

    this screenshot may help answer some of your questions:

    We've been meaning to do a screen cast for this because as you can see from the screenshots it is a confusing pile of spaghetti.

  • @rkleim Hi, I imagine the F.lux_team are a little busy right now trying to clean out the 'black screen' issue so, having had a similar experience to you initially I though I may be able to help.

    I have made up a couple of screen caps that may explain.

    I am assuming that you have successfully loaded the “iflux.xcodeproj” project in Xcode. The next step relates to the 'XCode/Preferences...' menu item, that is the preferences for XCode not this particular project. Shortcut: ⌘ , You will see this screen:

    Click on the 'Accounts' tab and enter your Apple (iCloud) ID.

    Then go to the main XCode screen with the f.lux project loaded and in the centre make the adjustments indicated here:

    Then with your iOS device connected, press ⌘R follow the bouncing ball.

    I hope this helps. I'm sure I will be corrected if I have said anything incorrect.

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