xCode 'Could not find developer disk image

  • Whenever I go to load the program to my device it pops up with this error. Every other step works out, but it will not load. I am running the iOS Public Beta software so my current iOS is 9.2 Anyone with suggestions to fix?

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    You need Xcode 7.2 to build for iOS 9.2.

  • Hey, I've finally got my iPad charging, just did a full backup of all "purchases" -- I only bought GTA III, and I'm on my way to iOS 9.1. Could you please give me a quick tutorial on how to get and install xcode as I've never used it.

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  • @lorna :D!

  • @lorna I'm not running another damn Mac VM. It's really tough to setup, and I don't feel like trying to do it all over again. I've had snow leapord working and then I lost the image (the VM disk image -- not the ISO) for that, and I'm too lazy. So I'm restoring to 9.0.2 to get a jailbreak -- will Xcode work on that too if I can get a disk image of mac for Vbox?

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    Wow, that is going without a net. I have no experience with the VM use case at all! Try it, or if you have a friend with a Mac that would also work!

  • Yeah it's very tough, and the downgrade window is closed so I have to do it this way. Well I do know one person with a mac, maybe I can convince them to let me install x code, at least apple made it, that should make it much easier.

  • just download this:9.2 (13C70)
    unzip it,
    and put it into :/Applications/Xcode.app/Contents/Developer/Platforms/iPhoneOS.platform/DeviceSupport
    restart your Xcode and it will work~

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