Will f.lux work correctly if I disable lock screen notifications?

  • I understand that in order to work properly f.lux needs notifications turned on. But is it okay to turn 'Show on Lock Screen' off? I don't want to receive notifications every half an hour or so.

  • Curious about this as well. Ideally I'd leave Allow Notifications on, but turn off Show in Notification Center and Show on Lock Screen and set Alert Style when Unlocked to None.

    I'm going to just do that and see what happens tonight.

  • It looks like the screen still lights up and asks for a code, even when the notification doesn't appear. :/

  • Hello, we're working on making the notifications less intense for the next release. We do this to wake up the screen for transitions. You definitely don't have to have them shown in the notification center but if you don't or if you have do not disturb on for instance it will wake up the screen (and ask for a code) every so often.

  • I have disabled notification center, lock screen, and banners (and run DND at night), and it still seems to work as expected on iOS 9.1, Verizon 5s. :-)

    Technically, the notifications are still handled by iOS, even though there is no indication of them, so it seems reasonable that this would work. (and empirically, it seems to!)

  • I enabled notifications to begin with, but they were happening so frequently, I turned them off. Now the passcode screen keeps appearing, which has got to be a battery drain. Any way of fixing that?

  • In that version the screen has to be turned on to make a change.

    The cheapest way to do this is lock-screen notifications - the passcode unlock is a bad hack if that fails.

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