f.lux not changing anything

  • HI,

    I just installed f.lux on my iPhone 6S and I'm not able to change anything except for the wake time. Preview doesn't seem to do anything, Dark Room doesn't seem to do anything. Adjusting the sliders don't do anything.

    I'm running:
    iOS 9.1
    OS X 10.11.1
    Xcode 7.1.1

    There are some errors when I have the project opened in Xcode, so that might be the issue.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Reboot help?
    Any other apps that may conflict?

  • Reboot didn't help. I read on this forum someone saying that their adblocker was interfering for some reason, so I disabled that - still nothing.

  • OK - I believe this happens when f.lux can't find your location.
    Can you make sure location services is enabled and re-run the app?

  • That fixes it, thank you! Not sure if this is a bug, but I can't seem to set the night lighting for 6am and 7am wake times. 6am seems stuck at 1900 and 7am seems to be dropping. The others have no problem getting to the lighting that I set.

  • The 6AM time is already at bedtime mode (we try to remove the most alerting light to give enough time for most people's melatonin surge to happen).

  • Thank you @lorna. I'm new to f.lux so I don't really know what bedtime mode is. When does bedtime mode begin? For example, if I have the wake time set to 8am, when does the temperature start to drop to 1900, and when does it start to go back up? Also does the dawn wake time have the bedtime mode? Sorry for the noob questions, but I couldn't really find this info in your FAQ.

  • No worries, it's a complicated system and there's a lot not shown in the iOS interface. The super warm mode happens about 9 hours before your wake time, and we aim to remove around 97-98% of alerting light at that time. We figure people will go to bed whenever they are tired but at least the device should be less alerting then. This version of f.lux will change at dawn, wake time, and sunset, and then at "bedtime mode" which is wake time minus ~9 hours.

    This is the mac quickstart guide, and it's not exactly the same as iflux, but some of the interface is similar (just not exposed) and you can get an idea of what things do and where they are going.

    And you can play with the charts at https://fluxometer.com/rainbow/ to see what's getting removed at the different settings on each device. Nerdy fun.

  • Thank you for the links, lorna. I'll check them out and hopefully have a better understanding of how f.lux works :)

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