Improvement suggestions

  • That's awesome f.lux can be sideloaded now. The sideload version works better than the jailbreak one, namely there are no color artifacts. I believe the following changes would make it even better:

    • It would be great not to have a f.lux application, but rather only an item in the Settings, which is there anyway
    • The issue where artificial colours occur during the transition period still persists
    • Transitions really need to be slow
    • Notifications that are not related to software updates aren't needed, they only distract
    • More precise wake up times would be nice (by the way, I didn't get why the transition this morning happened some 15 minutes after the dawn or after I woke up)
    • There's no indication as to which location is being used, like it's done in the jailbreak version
    • For some reason the lowest temperature for the sideloaded version is 1900 K, and it looks less 'orange' than the lowest temperature in the jailbrake version, which is 2400 K. Not sure which one is correct