Manual mode

  • The notifications are a bit annoying. I wouldn't mind having an option in the app to "disable automatic transitions" and only have the time/flux mode updated when I enter the app. Could also use the force-touch "quick actions" feature to allow the user to quickly manually switch between day/night modes.

    Do you guys have a github repo I can make pull requests against?

  • I think if you:

    • set wake time to dawn
    • set day and night settings the same

    it will stop notifying.

    Try it out and let us know... I will add to the FAQ.

  • How often are the notifications supposed to go off? Since you're side-loading the current beta, you could use the VOIP mode and the keep-alive timer to keep track of time, then only send the notification (required to change the screen white balance, right?) at the proper times required to change the screen mode.

    I'll give your suggestion a try and see if that works for "manual mode", but since it requires me to change two settings, it's just slightly more troublesome than a toggle switch would be.

  • Right now, we fire them anytime there's a "change" in our curve, but we can avoid doing this if you're not actively using the device (or more likely, make the threshold a lot higher).

    Sometimes the transition curve is very steep - so we erred on the side of matching the desktop curve (i.e. too many notifications). But we can fix this and make it do fewer steps.

    (On a jailbroken device, we just hook the screen-on/off and it's much easier.)

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