Why is the new Xcode Flux project for iOS is empty?

  • Why is the new Xcode Flux project for iOS is empty, and the real app code is obfuscated into a binary or something? (image)

    Also how did you manage that?

  • Because it is not meant to be open source :) I wish I could rearrange the UX though...

  • Come on we love open source stuff :(

  • I wondered too, then I found that https://justgetflux.com/forum/topic/28/open-source

    I was soo close to put this up on my iOS device... but having to do it, this way, with closed source code, I couldn't, this doesn't feel right. ...I know, I know I have it on my Mac and I don't have the code...

    I understand that you might want to provide more things and commercialise some parts, but could you find a way around with Inter-App Communication? And have the base and minimal f.lux open-source and an another paid app companion available through the App Store?

    BTW I would happily donate few bucks if f.lux was properly open-sourced and a must-keep on my iOS device...

  • Also curious, how did you manage that? @herf @lorna

  • So Apple wasn't happy with your way of attempting to distribute unauthorised app exploiting private apis through obfuscated code... http://www.macrumors.com/2015/11/12/flux-for-ios-pulled-no-side-loading/

    This was meant to happen! Somehow I wonder if it's just an attempt to make the news... or maybe trying to make a new precedent...? Btw congrats it looks like you made the news.

    It at least the base minimal was open-sourced, nobody could have argued and Apple would eventually get the message at some point.

    Anyway I don't get this, I would expected "savvy" people to paid more attention on what they are pushing into their iOS device, because if this become a trend things could become really messy...

    Last but not least yesterday while searching for more details I saw something in the footer: "f.lux is patent pending" ... no comment.

  • @nrako They won't allow private APIs on an open sourced project either.

    I'd appreciate it if you'd watch the inflammatory posts, they're not appropriate for our forum and in the future such posts will be deleted.

  • Damn I missed getting the software by two hours.

    Can someone who has it please throw it on a torrent?

    I totally support you guys. Well done on keeping Apple on their toes.

  • Thanks @JPTHOR here's hoping we get something for everyone. Just a reminder we have been informed that we are bound by Apples Developer Agreement to delete any public links to downloads in the forum or on our website. :(

  • @lorna said:

    They won't allow private APIs on an open sourced project either.

    Maybe, but I doubt it, I don't see how they would requires that an unharmful open-source project would be taken down by i.e Github or the developer, I never heard of anything alike, we are free to experiment with whatever code we have with our developer account and our own device. Having some compiled binary distributed by a third party, which might hypothetically be dangerous is a different story.

    But I didn't read the entire Developer Agreement, feel free to point me to a chapter if you have more info. I'd love to understand more.

    ... I'll pass on commenting on "the inflammatory" remarks

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Haha.

    You guys are too legit. You could always do an iFixIt: give Apple the shrug and lose your developer account but get your product out there.

    Still super keen to spread the F.Lux love. If someone can email me the Xcode project file link to:


    I'll put it on torrent and take the Apple scowl.

    Love leading edge tech guys! Pioneers always face hurdles - but they're the first to jump them.

  • @JPTHOR I'd love to but my download is quite unlegit. It's from the source but somehow firefox has added my addon "ghostery" to a couple folders. I don't understand that one.

    So if I can figure out how to get it back to "stock" using the file tree from the sha-1 post then I'll update (well not here).

  • @timpster
    Thanks! If you send me a dropbox/google drive link with a zip file that would work perfectly. I'm an apple developer as well so understand the file structure.


  • Alright, have a look at the pinned ios post and get familiar with the clean download so you can see what's different when you get mine. Then feel free to modify it so that it matches the original and send it back! I'll do this tomorrow. It's time for me to sleep now.

  • This post is deleted!

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