Dim screen on Linux (Ubuntu 14.04)

  • On Windows you can dim the screen using Alt-PgUp and Alt-PgDn. The same keyboard shortcut doesn't work on Linux. This is my primary use for flux. How can this be done using Linux f.lux?

  • It might say in the f.lux menu, just like it does in Windows. Y'know what I'm referring to? The context menu. I hope that I'm conveying this clearly enough.

  • I do believe the Linux version is made from around 2010 and so it won't have the features from 2013.

    It's rumored that there may be updates in the future.

  • Generally you can dim your screen on linux like this:

    xrandr --output <YOUR-OUTPUT-DISPLAY> --brightness <NUMBER-BETWEEN-0.0-AND-1.0>

    but I think flux uses the xrandr settings to change the temperature and it will set it back in a while when you try to change it. I use redshift instead of flux for this purpose, which allows changing the brightness.

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