Auto Disable When Certain Programs Start or Run?

  • I've just started using f.lux and can already feel the benefits on my eyes / brain.

    However I have been looking around the settings and can't seem to see a function that I think could be greatly beneficial to the software.

    I work as a photographer and image editor - when I start Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop (my editing software) I have to remember to disable f.lux so it doesn't effect any of my colour/hue interpretation and therefore my editing consistency.

    QUESTION: Is there a way to set f.lux to automatically disable when a chosen piece of software starts and is running? To then automatically turn back on when they are closed / not running? Basically can I tell f.lux to disable when a certain .exe is starts up? This would be amazing if it could be automated and I didn't have to worry about remembering to disable it - as if I forget to disable and do work with it still on, it could be wasted time as it is color sensitive work?


  • This is available in the mac build and is eventually going to be added to the Windows build. The developers say that creating the UI to be nice can be time consuming, and that's the most difficult part in getting all this to the windows version.

  • I've created an Autohotkey script to do just this.

    If you're familiar with Autohotkey, you can just use this code, and modify it as you see fit. Basically, every 3 seconds it looks to see if Photoshop is active (topmost window). If so, it checks to see if f.lux is running. If it is, then it closes f.lux and opens a message box to tell you so.

    I'm happy to export this as an exe if you want, or make some minor changes (like if you want it to check more/less frequently, or you have other software besides Photoshop). Just let me know.

    Code below-- use "START OF CODE" to "END OF CODE", not just what is highlighted:

    sleep 3000

    ; if photoshop is on top and f.lux is open, then close f.lux
    if WinActive("ahk_class Photoshop")
    	Process, Exist, flux.exe
    		if !ErrorLevel = 0
    		WinShow, f.lux ahk_pid %ErrorLevel%
    		WinActivate f.lux
    		WinClose f.lux



  • exe file to close f.lux if Photoshop is open (on top).