Current Build of Linux f.lux removes Chrome Stable

  • Current Build of f.lux (linux) removes Chrome Stable when it installs and then everything works excpit crome ofcouse. If you reinstall Chome then flux dies and gives me a message that it cant create the fluxgui
    BTW Chrome is my browser as I have all my bookmarks there.... please please fix.

  • I'm taking a shot in the dark here, but does Chrome in Linux have a Hardware Acceleration option? If so, then I would disable it or enable it, depending on the current setting. You'd do this just to see what happens. I'm kind of doubting that this is it, but still.

  • I don't know if it matters to you now, but as you can see on this Reddit thread the issue is that both f.lux and Chrome depend on a few libraries in common. If you try to install 32-bit Chrome, then there's a conflict since 64-bit f.lux wants the 64-bit versions of those libraries. If you install 64-bit Chrome there should be no problem.

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