Gamma settings

  • Hello, I'm enjoying this little app since one year now. It's excellent! However, in some screens, I have discover it change-override the gamma setting. I't creates some visibility troubles depending what i'm working in. Is it posible to add a gamma control?

  • The official answer is we recommend you use a hardware calibrator (when you tune it by hand, it doesn't create a standard file, so we can't even read some of them). But hmm, we should think about doing a better control, if we write it we can read it.

  • Could you recommend some cheap <$60-70 monitor calibrator that will show the color spectrum of basically any light source?

    I'm really interested in color spectrum charts as fluorescent lights make it a bit difficult to read.

  • There are not a lot of decent spectrometers for <$500. The cheapest colorimeters (which don't provide spectral data, just 3 channels) are usually >$100, if they're worth using.

    For free, you may have some luck finding a similar panel to yours with TFTCentral's ICC database:
    Most panels are made by a small number of manufacturers, and often they have similar characteristics.

  • Well I should have guessed that. uses a $1600 spectrometer and it's a wonderful Web site to get free color spectrum charts for light sources and now you have that too! Really this is awesome.

    I don't have $500. I did at one time but I spent a large portion of that on my PC. Also that's too expensive for me when you post them here for free!

  • Yes, the new portable spectros (Ikan, lighting passport, Everfine) are pretty neat - they are good for lighting and not so much for screens, because they don't go as dim as display devices. Most of these can't measure below about 50 lux.

    For circadian work we think being able to measure down below 1 lux is about right, and the body saturates somewhere in the "thousands" of lux, so that is the range of interest.

  • Oh wow, that's interesting that the range is limited.

    What kind of tool do you use that measures so low?

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