Is this an f.lux forum platform bug in Firefox?

  • I don't know what happened, but now every single time I click "Reply", it goes full-page on me. If I click the arrow on the top-left to bring it back down, then nothing happens - except of course the arrow goes from pointing up to pointing down. It works just fine in Google Chrome though, but I hate Chrome. :/

    It's kind of discouraging me from coming back to the forums.

    I'm using Firefox 31.7.0 (because I hate all the newer versions - sorry).

    Edit: I am going to try deleting all cookies for this site.

    Edit 2: That didn't work. Damn. I will try a fresh profile right now.

  • WHOA! Click & Drag! I clicked and dragged it down and now I just learned a new trick on this platform. Wow. This is one hell of a fancy platform. I love it!

    I could delete this thread because I'm the only one who has seen it so far, but I will leave this here just in case it benefits anyone else.

    So, when you click Reply, you get that black and white arrow on the top-left of the replying area. Well, just click & drag it up and down and you can customize the size! The same is true for editing a post.

  • Wait, do CTRL + 0.
    This will reset the zoom.

    I constantly change it, so it's hard to tell where it is for other users, but resetting is to 0 does fine, it's just very very difficult to read. 3 zooms up, which I can read comfortably at "basically" 720p. I have my screen set to 1080p, but Windows 7 DPI on 150%. So it's basically the best of both worlds, crisp clear, 720p. sized objects!

    This will make the text box fullscreen, and also, I do not see an up / down arrow. If I go back down one scroll, it's half screen sized again.

    Edit: Woah, that's cool! I might never use that as I stay zoomed in, but this is a very nice feature, but it's really not intuitive, thanks for sharing.

  • I think you are completely misunderstanding what I'm talking about. I never change Firefox's zoom level. That's first. Second, I haven't changed the DPI in Windows. Third, I just tried Zooming in and out in Firefox and that didn't change anything except for the text size and image size, which is what it's supposed to do (and yeah, I'm well-aware of Ctrl+0 lol). While zooming, the size of the text box basically remained the same. Fourth, I'm not talking about zooming at all, not in any sense of the word. There's nothing even remotely related to zooming here.

    Ok, so I want you to click Reply right now so that I can show you what I"m talking about. Look directly above the text that says "Replying to "thread title". Do you see that black circle to the left above this text? It has a white arrow in it. Click it. This makes the text box go full-page. Click it again and it brings the text box back down to a Quick Reply size. Now, instead of just clicking it, Click & Drag it. This is pure awesome sauce.

    Now, I don't know how it became stuck at the full-page size, but it did and the only way back to the Quick Reply size was by clicking and dragging it back down. I discovered that accidentally, out of a little bit of frustration. LOL I admit it, I lost my temper and I mouse-raged on that black and white arrow button. When I did that, I accidentally clicked and dragged it down a little and I was like, "WHOA WAIT WHAT'S THIS? Wow! It's Freakin' AWESOME! That's what that is!" hehe

    So, this is just a customizable text box size in a fancy new way that I've never seen before. Nice platform! This is a fancy-pants platform. Or, maybe I just live under a rock?

  • I know how it happened now. I accidentally clicked and dragged upwards on this black and white arrow button after I had clicked it to go full-page. I bet that I accidentally clicked and dragged it upwards when trying to click it again to go back to the Quick Reply size.

    Try this for me: click the arrow thing to go full-page. Then, in the full-page size, click and drag the arrow thingy upwards just a millimeter. That's all it takes. Now, click the arrow button and now it should seem to be stuck in the full-page size. However, all you have to do is click and drag it down and you're good to go.

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