Performance (too be exactly Huge FPS drops) when f.lux starts changing light-thing

  • FPS drops by huge number. Ask me about anything particular 'bout PC specs or i dunno.

  • Hey over here. I just replied to your question on the other thread but - what GPU do you have and what's the version of your video driver? Look for an update to your video driver - that will almost always fix stuttering and lag issues. We'd love to hear your system details too.

  • @lorna I guess my drivers is fine. NVIDIA GeForce Experience took care of this stuff, always updates them.

    Video PCI-E ASUS GTX680-DC2-4GD5, 4Gb, GDDR5.
    Driver 22.06.2015 ver. 353.30

    Here is full DxDiag file

  • Thanks @asdasgwe - can you see if using safe mode makes a difference for you?

  • Just in case, Safe Mode here is referring to f.lux's own safe mode.

  • sorry for the post resurrection but it's the first ans only one i find on google.

    I have the same issue , when F.lux transitioning in fast mode i have a huge fps drop in game ( diablo 3 go down from 250 to 16 fps ) and i also have my mouse cursor incredibly slow.

    i tried safe mode on f.lux and the same thing happen

    here is my pc spec :
    intel 5820k
    r9 290 crossfire with 15.10 beta driver ( but the problem occure with 15.9 driver )

  • I've noticed this exact same thing on Windows, and the 20s transition can be quite painful if you're in a game when it kicks on. I've got the latest Intel and Nvidia drivers.

    Another thing I've seen with this, which I think is caused by the same thing in f.lux, is that certain dialog boxes and windows won't render during the transition. An example of this is to try to open the "hidden application icon drawer" or whatever it is in the lower right corner where icons like the f.lux icon show up. If you try to open this during a transition the icons will not appear until either most of the way through the transition, or until the transition is complete.

  • Intel has done a nice job optimizing this stuff over the last year, but many people have a vendor that is not providing the latest drivers. So go to Intel's site directly:

    On AMD, you might notice another process (CCC) that gets involved and slows things down. If you don't use it to change settings, we have some instructions for removing it and just using the "bare driver" instead, here:

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